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With the date of the next wave of mass actions in London set to start on the 23rd May, we need as many volunteers as possible to help us develop and implement an Actions Mobilisation plan.

We need hands on people who have the time and energy to go out in to their communities to meet with newly formed Local Groups, feel confident delivering trainings to them, and ideally have experience with actions to support groups in engaging with Civil Disobedience.

In order to mobilise the numbers we need to succeed in May, we need your to help develop capacity at the local level.

Please fill out this form to get connected with resources and people to help mobilise and prepare XR UK for the next wave of mass actions in London from the 23rd May!

If you think you don't have the necessary experience, but are fuelled by a desire to do something in the face of the climate and ecological emergency, please fill out this form!

For those interested in working full time, there is potential funding available. There will be follow up information detailing this once you fill out the form.

For a summary of the Actions Pathway roles please see this doc -

If you have more questions, please email -

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