3rd Annual Women's March LA Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 3rd Annual Women's March LA on Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Downtown LA. We cannot have a march without the wonderful help from our Women's March LA Warriors. With your help, we are able to continue this movement forward and once again make history in the streets of Los Angeles.

The first step in becoming a volunteer for this specific march is registering. If you registered for past events/marches with Women's March LA (WMLA), we still need you to fill out this form.

Once you have registered, you will be placed on our volunteer list and we will keep in contact with you so you know how to prepare and plan for the march.

We appreciate your patience as we organize all of our Women's March LA Warriors!

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

1) Peace Ambassador:

  • Peace Ambassador Description:  A Peace Ambassador is just that...keeps the peace!  From keeping participants safe from traffic to moving people safely from one location to another to reporting potentially tense situations (between marchers, with the public, and onlookers/opponents)...Peace Ambassadors keep the march flowing.  There is a min age requirement of 18 years old to be a Peace Ambassador.
  • Peace Ambassador Training: We will be conducting training sessions prior to the march on Jan 12 at 10:30am at Pershing Square (yellow building at corner of 5th and Olive).  There will also be training sessions held day of the march, upon check-in. You must complete a training session to serve as a Peace Ambassador.

2) General Volunteer:

There are many volunteer opportunities for a General Volunteer including:

  • Hospitality
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Community Partner Guide
  • Food Truck Guide
  • EMT Assistance
  • Golf Cart Driver (must have valid DL, be in good standing, insurance)

The above volunteer opportunities will be assigned to you upon check in on a first come, first serve basis.  You will be notified of your volunteer post upon check-in.  The min age to serve as a General Volunteer is 16 years old (must be accompanied by an adult).  

3) Other Volunteer Opportunities:

The below Volunteer Opportunities require a different check-in date/time as a General Volunteer or Peace Ambassador, and consist of:

  • Set-Up (day before: Jan 18, 9am-3pm)
  • Volunteer Check-In (day of: Jan 19, 5am)
  • Break-Down (after march: Jan 19, 2pm)

Canvassing:  We also need volunteers to spread the word via canvassing prior to the march date.  Canvassing training will be held Jan 12 at 10am (flyer stacks will be given out to training session attendees) at Pershing Square (yellow building at corner of 5th and Olive).

Sign Up Today

If the mentioned Volunteer Opportunities seem like something you want to participate in, please proceed with your selection on this form. If you have a mobility limitation (i.e. unable to walk or stand for a long period), please tell us so we can assign you to a post where there is limited walking/standing.

Volunteer Details

After you have registered and picked a volunteer opportunity, it's time for you to plan your day at the march. Please read the below details carefully and review these details a week prior to the march for updates.

When: volunteer check-in is on Saturday, january 19th at 6am

Check-in time is promptly at 6am.  Please allow yourself ample time to arrive, as downtown will be packed! There will be a substantial amount of down time after you check-in. During this time, please eat a prepared breakfast, use the restroom and navigate your post.  There will not be any shifts, as it will be difficult for volunteers to navigate their way to their posts once the march has started.  Just let your Volunteer Lead know when you are ready to depart.

Where: Spring Street Park (428 S. Spring St.)

Upon arrival to Downtown LA, go directly to the Volunteer Check-In Booth, located in Spring St. Park (428 S. Spring St.).

What: Volunteer Check-in Process
  • Upon arrival to the "Volunteer Check-in Booth", join the line that reads "Peace Ambassador" or "General Volunteer" and sign in.
  • Those volunteers who registered as "General Volunteer" will be assigned a post upon check-in.
  • Those volunteers who registered as "Peace Ambassador" will be assigned a post upon check-in.
  • Those Peace Ambassadors that have not been trained yet, will be directed to the Peace Ambassador Training area.
  • Receive a volunteer map with icons identifying post locations.  On the other side of the map you will find FAQ's and a schedule.
  • Pick up your FREE volunteer shirt (Peace Ambassadors will also receive a bright pink vest).
  • When you arrive at your post, connect with your Volunteer Lead (wearing green vest) for further instruction.


  • Inform your Volunteer Lead that you are departing.
  • Return your vest to the Volunteer Check-In Booth.

Other Volunteers:

For those volunteers that have signed up for the below volunteer opportunities, please read your check-in time and location, as it will defer from other volunteers:

  • Set-Up: Meet at the Green Room at Pershing Square (actually a yellow building located at the corner of Pershing Square near 5th & Olive) a day before the march on Jan 18th, 9am - 3pm.
  • Volunteer Check-In: Meet at the Volunteer Check-In Booth on Jan 19th at 5am
  • Break-Down: Meet at the merchandise table (see volunteer map) at Grand Park after the march at 2pm.

Volunteer Map

Tips to Help You Plan Your Day

Transportation: Click here for Transportation Details. Make sure you have transportation planned ahead of time, as downtown will be packed!

Dress: Come prepared with comfortable walking shoes and clothes, wear your volunteer shirt (make sure your shirt is visible, wear warm clothing underneath), and don't forget sunscreen!  

Things to Bring: ID, cell phone, bottled water, prepared breakfast/snack/lunch, and any meds you may need in clearly labeled prescription containers.  Let a family member/friend know what you are doing and where you will be.

Things to Leave:  Leave anything at home that the police consider contraband.  Leave your valuables at home.  

Volunteer Assignments: Although you may have selected a specific volunteer opportunity, you may be moved to a different area depending on volunteer attendance. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Peace Ambassadors Only: If you've already gone through training, but need a quick refresher, please  Click here for Peace Ambassador Duties.

Elaine Patel

Director of Programs

Women's March Los Angeles Foundation




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