Will you join me?


The Government and those whose interests they represent know that the systemic climate and ecological shocks science is predicting - Covid-19 being one of them - will amplify the deep class, race and sex inequalities already entrenched in our society - ones doubled down on the past 40 years.

To better enable their ability to suppress the demand for change they are attacking our core democratic rights.

They are accelerating what been done by sucessive Governments, and rolling out an anti-democracy agenda that includes:

❌ Attacking the right to protest

❌ A voter suppression bill

❌ A ‘review’ of legislation protecting human rights

❌ More powers for Spycops

❌ Less powers for people to challenge the Government in court

❌ Poor regulation of elite owned media

❌ Anti trade union laws

Everyone of us that believes in democracy must come together to create a democracy that is fit to deal with the crises our society faces: climate and ecological breakdown, the epidemic of inequality, and surveillance capitalism.

If you:

✅Support more democracy, not less

✅Want to reduce the power of capital and elites by even a small amount

✅Want power and resources redistrubuted to people and communities, away from Westminster

✅Are willing to break out of the 20th century party political silos that are not fit for 21st century challenges

Then we can work together.

I don't have all the answers - I think the public do.

Let's figure out how we create a democracy that's fit for purpose in the 21st century.

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