A New Settlement - Register your interest

After the election, what comes next?

As part of our New Settlement project, which aims to set out a hopeful, but realisable vision of the future we'll be publishing a new paper that will be the foundation stone for the project.

The New Settlement is designed to address the growing need for a new politics to build a new society. It will help describe a post neo-liberal world and the nature of a deeper democracy, political economy and state that will underpin it. The failures of the last few decades are self-evident, but we know that while the few at the top of politics claim that little more can be done, there are others in the UK and around the world who are getting on with , and creating the conditions for a Good Society.

There is enough money to do the things that need to be done, it's just not in the right places; there is enough power to make the changes we need, it's just not in the right hands.

We've already published a framing document, The Ship and the Sea, as well as three papers crafted by Compass members. You can read all of these on the Compass website.

So register your interest in the project to be sent the paper in July.

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