Abortion rights and care for all

In 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade, striking down the federal right to an abortion. Now, the right is a state by state decision, and the health and lives of so many are at risk. But, the majority of voters and people in this country overwhelmingly support the right to abortion.

We need to win back the right, and we need to tackle other issues that connect with the fight for reproductive rights: like expansion of access to Medicare and Medicaid, lowering drug costs, canceling medical debt, and helping ensure access to care for all. So many who are at risk because they can't access an abortion are also struggling from these issues. It's time we brought together these issues and demanded change.

The tech nerd activists behind Take Action for Us are trying to support campaigns all over the world that organize to connect all issues related to health care: like expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, reproductive rights, medical debt, access to child and elder care, workers rights and minimum wage, and more. When we fight together, we win together. Join our campaign. Sign up here.