ACT NOW: Urge Los Angeles County Health Officers — Drs. Barbara Ferrer and Muntu Davis — to declare LA County Jails at risk for further spread of COVID-19. Protect our jail community today!

Under a new executive order, signed March 23, top public health officials can now assess if Los Angeles County Jails are at risk of further spreading coronavirus.

With this assessment, Sheriff Villanueva could further release the jail population as a public health measure.

While the jail population has allegedly been cut by 10% as of March 20th — this is not enough. Drs. Barbara Ferrer, Muntu Davis and Sheriff Villanueva must do more. Lives are at risk.

SIGN NOW: Los Angeles County Health Officers NEED to tell the Sheriff to protect vulnerable jail populations from COVID-19 TODAY. LA County Jails must do their part to flatten the curve!

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