ADD YOUR NAME: Become a grassroots co-sponsor of the OLIGARCH Act

The richest 0.1% now have more than five times the combined wealth of 50% of Americans. This extreme concentration of wealth not only threatens our ability to build a thriving middle class, but it also threatens our democracy with millionaires and billionaires buying elected officials and Supreme Court justices alike.

Now, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, along with Reps. Barbara Lee, Summer Lee, and Jamaal Bowman, has introduced the OLIGARCH Act, which taxes extreme wealth that’s 1,000 or more than the average U.S. household. As inequality grows, millionaires and billionaires would pay more in taxes, but as it lessens, they’d pay less, bringing us closer to equality.

The OLIGARCH Act also ensures that the richest 0.1% are audited by the IRS at at least a 30% rate and it establishes penalties on tax cheats who underreport their assets.

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