Add Your Name: Endorse the Fair Work Campaign

On December 3rd, 2022, Cleveland City Council passed legislation to protect workers. Simply put, the ordinance ensures that Cleveland will not do business with businesses that steal from their employees.

What does Cleveland’s wage theft ordinance do?

  • Seats the Fair Employment Wage Board: A seven (7) member board that will oversee the enforcement of this wage theft policy as well as other pro-worker policies.

  • Creates the Adverse Determination List: Any person or entity that has received an Adverse Determination (has committed wage theft) within the last three (3) years will not be eligible to enter into a city contract or receive any financial incentive from Cleveland.

  • Includes Subcontractors: Enhanced enforcement extends to businesses working as subcontractors on city contracts.

The even better news is that Guardians for Fair Work coalition is just getting started! Help us demonstrate to Cleveland City Council that the passage of this ordinance is just the start and we are ready to see a slate of pro-worker policies advancing worker interests!

If you have questions, please feel free to connect with us: