ADD YOUR NAME: To Stop the Next Insurrection we must Expand the Supreme Court

This term the Supreme Court will hear Moore v. Harper, one of the most consequential cases for our democracy in decades. Moore v. Harper could legitimize a radical legal theory called “independent state legislature doctrine,” which could grant gerrymandered state legislatures unchecked power to determine how federal elections are run — and the power to overturn the 2024 election.

This theory was the cornerstone of Trump-backed attempts to overturn the 2020 election results — but it lacked legal legitimacy at the time. If the Independent State Legislature Theory was in effect in 2020, Donald Trump could have succeeded in stealing the election.

It didn't work then, but if the  Supreme Court lends it that legitimacy through its ruling in Moore, the results of the next election could turn out much differently. We cannot sit by and allow SCOTUS to continue to dismantle our human rights — it’s time Congress delivered the reforms necessary to protect our democracy.

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