AFT Voter Pledge


In this presidential election year, our public health, our education system, our economy, and our democracy are all in peril. We cannot sit on the sidelines.

Whenever our jobs, our values and our families are at stake, we show up and we vote.

In 2020, the challenges we face and choices we make are more important than ever. Our fight for a better life and a brighter future for our families depends on what each of us is willing to do.

If we want leaders who will work for all of us—not just for corporate interests and the wealthiest 1 percent—we need to vote for candidates who share our vision of a nation that offers good jobs; high-quality, affordable healthcare; great public schools; affordable college; and a secure retirement.

AFT members are leading the fight for a healthy democracy, social justice and economic equity.

Fill out the form and tell us how you can participate in the campaign to protect our families and communities.

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