Application: Scorecards Volunteer Registration - First Cohort

From August to September 2024 we will be marking councils climate action. And we need your help to be able to do this. Last year it took over 200 Scorecards volunteers to assess the actions councils are taking on the climate and ecological emergencies. Can you be one of our 200 volunteers to mark council climate action this year?

If so, apply using the simple form to the right of this screen.

For both volunteer opportunities below you must be available for:

Scorecards Volunteer Induction
You will receive an invitation for the induction time you selected.
  • Tuesday 6th August 5:30-6:30pm.
  • Thursday 8th August 5:30-6:30pm.
Scorecards Marking Training

We will confirm which training you will be attending closer to the time.

  • Tuesday 13th August 5:30-7:30pm
  • Thursday 15th August 5:30-7:30pm.

Volunteers in the Policy Programme and Scorecard Assessor will be marking specific sections for councils (e.g. only marking all the Transport questions for the councils you are marking).
Every volunteer will be trained and supported to answer the questions.

Read a small summary on the two types of volunteering below.

  • Local Climate Policy Programme:
    After last year's success we are running the Local Climate Policy Programme again - an in-depth introduction to local climate policy.
    This 4-week course will run between Tuesday 20th August and Thursday 5th September. It will involve 6 online sessions running alongside scoring Councils. The full session schedule will be sent to you when you are accepted onto the programme but sessions will be scheduled in the early evening. It is up to those accepted onto the Programme to attend the sessions, the only mandatory session is the Scoring Training
    Previous speakers included experts from the Climate Change Committee, Friends of the Earth and Centre for Alternative Technology.
    The Policy Programme will require a commitment of 15 hours of volunteering each week - including webinars - for the 4-week period.
    A Certificate Ceremony will be held the following week on Thursday 12 September.

Please Note: The number of spaces for the Local Climate Policy Programme will be limited to 50 people per cohort. More information on the Policy Programme can be found following this link.

  • Scorecards Assessor: This type of volunteering is for those will be marking councils climate action but cannot commit to the Policy Programme. You will still assess councils but at your own pace. Ideally, the Assessor position would complete 20 hours of volunteering over a 4-week period.

We will be accepting as many Scorecard Assessors as possible. More information on the Scorecards Assessor position can be found following this link.

For both of the volunteer opportunities detailed above you will need to be available for one the Volunteer Induction Sessions and both of the mandatory Scorecards Scoring Training.

  • Volunteer induction
    You will need to attend one induction session on either Tuesday 6th or Thursday 8th August 2024.
  • Scorecards Scoring Training
    You will only need to attend only one of the training sessions but please keep both of the evenings free until you are allocated a Scorecards section, which will determine which session you need to attend: either Tuesday 13th or Thursday 15th August. You will need to be available from 5:30-7:30pm.

If you cannot make these times, please register for our Second Cohort following this link.

FOI Programme
Please Note:
This year, the FOI Programme will run late September to October 2024.
If you are interested in taking part in the FOI programme, please register for our Second Cohort following this link.

Who is this volunteering for?

In order to apply you must be:

  • Aged over 18
  • Based anywhere in the UK
  • Have reliable internet access and access to a computer
  • You do not need to have previous environmental related experience or a relevant degree.
Please Note: We will not accept current Councillors or Officers. Parish/Town councillors or officers are welcome to apply.

Privacy notice: Your data will be handled according to our GDPR Policy. You can request for your data to be deleted from our records at any point. We will delete all sensitive personal data of volunteers 6 months after the Scorecards launch, this includes email addresses and phone numbers. The only information we will keep for longer will be the first and last name of the volunteer, the section marked and the number of councils they marked.
Many volunteers will use SLACK with us. Volunteers can choose to leave SLACK/WhatsApp channels at any time. We don’t export any data held in SLACK.

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