Plan a Drop-in with your Rep

We are organizing to put pressure on House Democrats who have not yet stood behind the demand to eliminate Big Pharma handouts from NAFTA 2.0 and ensure that strong rules to enforce labor and environmental standards are added.

Can you drop by your Representative's district office and ask them to stand with us behind these demands?

Let us know, and we'll get you the materials you need to do it!

Rep. Susan Davis and Jan Schakowsky have been circulating a Dear Colleague letter calling for the elimination of Big Pharma giveaways in NAFTA 2.0., and our coalition has been working hard to get Congressional Democrats on board. Sadly, many names are still missing.

We need your member of Congress to sign onto the Davis-Schakowsky Letter, and we have produced large versions of it for you to deliver to your Representative or their staff. We can also send along placards, leaflets, stickers, and buttons.

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