Are YOU ready to disrupt and risk arrest October 7th?


Over 150 have been arrested with XR NYC putting their bodies on the line to call attention to the climate emergency since our start only months ago! But we're just getting started...

Now we're building to our next action that will commence October 7, 2019.  It will be the largest coordinated international disruption the western world has ever seen: Business as usual will be put on notice. We need everyone, not just those who can be arrested, but the more people who commit to being arrested the more our actions can accomplish the week of 10/7.

So are YOU ready to risk arrest in our 10/7 disruption?

Every week our NVDA trainings occur around the city, so you know how to stay safe and keep others safe  throughout the action and arrest process. The trainings are not just for arrestees though, they are also for all the other action roles. For every arrestee there are many action and support roles to fill! The trainings are listed right on our homepage with other upcoming events!

If you decide to risk arrest, in addition to signing up here, please download the "signal" phone app, as this is how we communicate as XR NYC activists. Thanks!

Note: Your name will not be visible to the public if you sign up here

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