Ask Joe Biden to meet with Ady

Ady is back to work after surgery, and he's renewing his request that Joe Biden meet with him for an interview.

Almost every other major candidate from the last debate has already agreed to sit down with Ady.

There is only one candidate who has not responded to Ady’s invitation: Joe Biden. So we have a message for Joe Biden: Please Mr. Vice President, respond to Ady’s invitation.

We’re asking Joe to share his personal and powerful health care story like his colleagues, and explain his vision of health care in America. It should be more than a 30 second soundbite on the debate stage, or a 2 minute TV ad.

Ady’s dedicated his life to fighting for reform and making sure Americans don’t have to struggle for the right to health care. We believe that Americans would benefit greatly from hearing the Vice President speak with Ady.

Sign our petition to Joe Biden now.

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