Attend Democratic State Committee Resolutions Hearings

At the recent Democratic State Convention, ORMA and our allies, collected many more signatures than necessary to bring resolutions to the floor for discussion and votes by the delegates. But the convention agenda, which omitted resolutions as an item of discussion, all but guaranteed that the resolutions would not come to the floor. (You can find the full text of the resolutions here.)

But we aren't giving up and on Thursday Oct. 26th we will submit those resolutions to the State Committee's Resolutions subcommittee. We need your help to demonstrate that democrats support these resolutions to build an activist and transparent Democratic Party.

Complete the short form on the right and we will be sure that you get the information necessary to attend and speak in favor of one or more resolutions at the public hearings (via zoom) scheduled for Oct.  30th and Nov. 9th at 7:30.

When We Organize We Win!