Axe Drax Power Station

Why do we need to #AxeDrax?

Drax is the UK's single largest carbon emitter, and emitted almost 13 million tonnes of CO2 from burning wood in 2019.  Due to EU and UK laws that biomass is to be classed as "renewable". However, it will take decades or even longer for new trees to be able to absorb the emissions produced by burning trees in Drax today. This is time which we do not have if we are to keep global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees.

Drax also makes bold claims about being the first carbon negative power station through its pilot project to capture carbon emissions from its tree burning. Yet, this bioenergy with carbon capture and storge technology is unproven and even if it did work, it would lead to more forest destruction and increased carbon emissions.  

To make this worse, Drax is now planning to build the UK's biggest ever fossil gas power station!

If we can effectively transfer renewable subsidies from biomass burning to genuine renewables, then this can set a clean-energy precedent for other countries around the world. We must get the message out that large-scale tree burning is not a solution (also see here). Find out more about Drax and its crimes from Biofuelwatch.

We must Axe Drax before it is too late.

What are all the groups?

Arts and design

This group will be doing the visual side of any protests and action that we plan together. This might be making banner and print templates, or coming up with posters that can be put up around the country that challenge Drax's greenwashing. Check out these posters Special Patrol Group did last year.

Media and messaging

This group makes press releases, uses social media and helps train people to actively talk out against the greenwashing

Actions and logistics

The people that make sure actions (protests etc.) can happen. They also spend a lot of time coming up with new creative action ideas!


Particularly for people who live in and around Drax, this group works to make sure our protests and actions are - if possible - lead by those local to and directly effected by Drax Power Station's presence . They may run talks or open forums for discussion in the local area.