AZ Phone Banks

Please join us on Wednesdays from 5:00pm PT - 7:00pm PT | 8:00pm ET - 10:00pm ET to call Arizona voters and to drive calls to Senators Sinema and Kelly to demand a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation packet.

Our phone banks will run until we get a decision in the reconciliation process.

For the past 30 years we have never been so close to getting a pathway to citizenship for our beloved undocumented community, and that’s thanks to all those who have stood with immigrants and answered the calls to action. Right now Congress is in the middle of the reconciliation process where they decide how the budget will play out. Our work has led us to have $107 Billion for a pathway to citizenship. The details on how that will play out is still being produced and debated.

Our mission as Corazon and as a community is to insure we can include all of our undocumented community such as all undocumented essential workers, TPS holders, farm workers, DACA recipients, and DREAMers. We must make sure Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly hear this loud and clear, we need them to support this important legislation.

Join our phone bank events taking place every Wednesday until we win!

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