Back to School for All: Let's Talk About Returning to In-Person Instruction

Four middle school students sit at a table with laptops and assignments on paper. A teacher stands by them, ready to help.

Educators are all in. We want to ensure safe returns to in-person instruction for all the children in our communities.

So we need to hear from you, the families of our students.

Our union of public school employees wants to ensure a safe return to in-person classrooms. We want our students and communities to have all the resources they need to recover from this pandemic — in the short and long terms.  

We also want to reimagine the public school experience, for a future in which they serve as true community hubs that give every child the freedom to thrive.

We'd like to hear from you on how educators can help your family recover from a traumatic year and help your students return safely to school. Please leave your contact information through the form, and a member of our team in your community will reach out to see how we can help.

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