Baltimore: Pledge to Vote YES for Question E


Vote YES for E to keep Baltimore’s water public so that it’s safe and affordable!

Recently, multinational water corporations and Wall Street have been ramping up efforts to take control of our public water system. By passing question E, Baltimore would protect our water system from the most extreme forms of privatization.

Vote YES for E to stop privatization-related rate hikes, protect public jobs and preserve public control. Communities that have privatized their water systems see higher rates, employment cuts and worse service. On average, private companies charge 59 percent more than local governments charge for water service. With a rate hike that large, the average Baltimore household’s annual water and sewer bill would jump from $861 to nearly $1,400. That’s an extra $500 a year.

Vote YES for E so we can work together to ensure that every person in Baltimore has access to safe, affordable water.

Sign this promise to show your support for public water and commitment to vote YES for Question E this November

By Authority: Keep Baltimore’s Water Public, Antoinette Ryan, Treasurer.

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