Be a World Citizen!

We're teaming up with World Service Authority, so when you register for a World Passport (or other world documents) World BEYOND War receives 20% of the proceeds. Plus, you'll receive free gifts from World Service Authority, like a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in your language of choice and a "I'm a World Citizen" button.

The world citizenship movement, which now numbers over 1,000,000 world citizens, was sparked by Garry Davis after WWII. Humiliated by his role as a bomber pilot in the war, Davis declared himself a world citizen, founded the World Service Authority (WSA), and refused to conform to the idea that any person must maintain national citizenship when nationhood is inextricably linked to violence, suspicion, hatred, and war. The World Passport, issued by WSA, is a neutral, apolitical document of identity and potential travel document, that has been issued for over 60 years and accepted by over 185 countries on a case-by-case basis.

When you sign up as a referral from World BEYOND War, your World Passport (or other world document) registration fee will not only support the work of World Service Authority - which provides pro bono legal advocacy and documentation assistance to refugees - but also 20% of the proceeds will go to World BEYOND War, to help sustain, and grow, our ongoing peace education programs and advocacy campaigns for war abolition.

Fill out the form to begin your registration as a world passport holder! Indicate which passport package (or other world document) you want. World Service Authority will follow up with you to complete your registration and process your payment.

(Note: By submitting the form, you will not be charged any money. You agree to have your name and contact info shared with World Service Authority (WSA). WSA will follow up with you directly to process your payment and document registration.)

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