Become a member of the People Over Petro Coalition

Below are the internal values that guide our work as the People Over Petro coalition. All members, both individuals and organizations, will defer to these values and principles while working in partnership under the People Over Petro banner.* By signing on to this set of values, you become a part of the People Over Petro Coalition

Guiding Principles**:

Our shale gas and petrochemical work will not perpetuate economic and racial inequalities; health and environmental burdens; disrespect of Indigenous land rights; or disinvestment in marginalized communities.

We proactively engage impacted communities to break down social and economic barriers that prevent all people from creating and benefitting from a diverse and just transition beyond a fossil-fuel based economy.

We recognize impacted communities as leaders in shaping the movement, value them as decision-makers and position our work in their lived experience.

We engage with impacted workers to create solutions in support of a clean and just transition in Appalachia and beyond.
We foster a culture of mentorship and engagement to support the next generation of leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our people to build a broader and more equitable movement in Appalachia.

We value the transformational over the transactional and strive to develop long-term partnerships that share decision-making, resources, and power, both internally and externally.

We will practice the Jemez Principles at all levels of our coalition:
--Emphasis on bottom-up organizing
--Allowing people to speak for themselves
--Working together in solidarity and mutuality
--Building just relationships among ourselves
--Commitment to self-transformation

We will embrace Climate Justice Alliance’s Just Transition framework which aims to:
--Shift economic control to communities
--Democratize wealth and the workplace to advance ecological restoration
--Drive racial justice and social equity
--Relocalize most production and consumption
--Retain and restore cultures and traditions

* Organizations are not expected to internally adopt these principles for their own work, but they agree to defer to them when working with the People Over Petro coalition.
**Adapted from the Theory of Change and Guiding Principles of PA Sierra Club Chapter, the Jemez Principles, and the Climate Justice Alliance’s Just Transition Principles