#BlackFridays: We Do Not Consent

Please read and sign on at bottom if you agree:

To all who are grieving for themselves and this country, who are in pain and feeling the deep effects of this toxic culture—some for the first time, and others, as they have for their entire lifetimes--you are not alone.

We, the undersigned, are an intersectional group of womxn* from every cross section of society who have come together in sacred rage and with a call to ACT.

Starting Friday, Oct. 5th and continuing weekly through November 23rd, we are calling on womxn to wear black, rise up, and put a halt to ‘business as usual.

On #BlackFridays, we will disrupt the many places that give us the Kavanaughs, the Trumps, and the CEOs who harm us.  We will enter epicenters of white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy, and rape culture, and we will shut them down.

On #BlackFridays, we will take action where we live, walk out of our workplaces and schools and disrupt business as usual to build power that transforms our society. We will be a show of force in the streets and in the halls of government, corporations, and institutions alike.

We understand that womxn’s relationship to work is not easy, and that our lives and our bodies are not valued equitably. Structural oppression makes resistance infinitely more complicated for some of us than it is for others. We recognize these disparities will shape the ways we each show up and hold space for all to express their rage in the ways that they can.

Womxn have power. The systems in this country depend on us—our work, our time, our bodies. On #BlackFridays, we refuse to comply with those who demean, destroy, and erase us. We refuse to take care of a system that doesn’t take care of us.

Each week from now until November 23rd, we will raise our voices, resist, and some of us will put our bodies on the line. We will harness the collective power of our creativity, voices, votes, bodies, and dollars.

We especially center and hold space for Trans, Black, Indigenous and Brown womxn, femmes, people with disabilities, two-spirits, and gender non-conforming community members whose bodies carry generational trauma and sexual violation rooted in systemic oppression. We remember that immigrant mothers and children alike are still separated and being held captive. We remember the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous womxn and girls lost to the oil and gas industry’s mancamps.

On Fridays, we will disrupt, we will gather to love and protect each other. We deserve better, and we demand it. We won’t stop until we win.

Yours in sisterhood,


Nelini Stamp
Carinne Luck
Desiree Kane
Brittany Williams
Alexandra Flores-Quilty
Sarah-Sophie Flicker
Kerri Kelly
Paola Mendoza
Mary Clinton
L.A. Kauffman
Zakiyah Ansari
Amanda Johnson
Jennifer Epps-Addison
Tracey Corder
Jennifer Flynn-Walker
Thais Marques
Nicole Carty
Michelle Cassandra Johnson
Shruti Rya Ganguly
Audrey Sasson
Alicia Jones
Myaisha Hayes
Leslie Mac
Glennon Doyle
Kim Huynh
Jess Morales Rocketto
Dania Rajendra
Renata Pumarol
Alyssa Mastromonaco
Yong Jung Cho
Maria Langholz
Kelli Dorsey
Bianca Bockman
Nadine Bloch
Jamilah Lemieux
Laurie Bertram Roberts
Lisa Fithian
Daye Pope
Kate Werning
Angela Peoples
Biola Jeje
Navina Khanna
Cecilia Duran
Samantha Johnson
Micky ScottBey Jones
Rev. Jennifer Bailey
Heather Head
Teresa Stacy
Kristen Gates
Whitney Heald
Jennie Robinson
Catherine Cottam
Stephanie Lucas
Mary Yuhas
Janine Pangburn
Gwen Delmore
Erin de Freitas
Jill Fordyce
Miles Halpine
Blaire Jahn
Sophia Macris
Nancy Hyer
Kathleen Kindred
Paulina Gonzalez
Rhonda Berchuck
Kirsten Lambertsen
Mary Zeiser

*Womxn with an x, acknowledges the historical exclusion of gender expressions. We intentionally use x to hold intersectional space for individuals who identify as trans, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people.

Action: Disrupt Business As Usual

This Friday October 5th we will:

- Wear Black**
- Walk out or don’t show up to work or school
- Gather outside your place of work or a nearby public park or square.

Need an alternative?
- Show up at your local courthouse at 6PM and gather with your community.

Can’t join a public action? Wear black, take a photo and post online your story. You can start out by saying: "On Fridays I wear black because [YOUR REASON] #BlackFridays."

Want to do something else? We got you. We have created a list of possible actions to take here: http://bit.ly/onfridayswewearblack