#BoeingArmsGenocide Week of ACTION 2022: April 18th - 24th

Boeing Arms Genocide is a campaign dedicated to forcing Boeing HQ out of Chicago and ending Boeing’s legacy of profiteering off of war abroad and in our communities. Since Boeing announced they would be moving their HQ to Chicago in 2001, the City of Chicago has paid them $29 million in tax reimbursements; many institutions in Chicago, including Chicago universities and CPS, also have partnerships with Boeing. Even though the city’s contract with Boeing has ended, we know we still have a long way to go to end Boeing’s bloody legacy.

Every year, U.S. war profiteers such as Boeing fuel violence here and abroad with billions of dollars of weapons manufacturing to arm violent regimes in the Philippines, in Israel, and to local police departments across the U.S.

Here in Chicago, the #BoeingArmsGenocide campaign, led by powerful youth organizers, are rising up to get free, to break the power of the U.S. war industry, and halt the unjust war on communities of color around the world.

During the Boeing Arms Genocide Week of Action from April 18 - 24th, we invite Chicagoans to rise up and take action against Boeing’s continued war profiteering in Chicago and around the world. We are demanding divestment from Boeing and reinvest in what our communities actually need to be safe. By engaging in direct action that disrupts business as usual, we can reject Boeing propaganda and influence public opinion and decision makers to take power, partnerships, and profit away from Boeing in Chicago. Join us virtually, in community actions, or in our citywide rally as we take this opportunity to oppose Boeing’s presence in our city and redirect the support of our institutions towards life-affirming resources and services.

Also join us on Thursday, April 21st at #BoeingArmsGenocide Galleries in Millennium Park from 4-6 PM! Visit @BoeingArmsGenocide on instagram for more information!

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