Tell the world Boris Johnson doesn’t speak for you

To the rest of the world,

Boris Johnson doesn’t speak for me and he doesn’t represent the modern Britain that I’m proud of. He’s an arrogant, divisive elitist who makes decisions based on what’s best for him and his career, not what’s best for Britain.

His offensive, hateful statements and cringeworthy comments are too many to list, but include calling gay men "bumboys" and describing Muslim women as "letterboxes". [1] [2]

He’s also a consistent liar - be it fabricating stories when he was a journalist, making false claims on the side of buses or telling tales about his track record as Mayor of London. [3] [4]

I’ll do whatever I can to hold him to account, especially trying to stop the dangerous no-deal Brexit he’s pushing for. So bear with us - I’m sorry you have to deal with him too.

Add your name if you agree.

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