Open letter to Brexit Party MEPs

Dear Brexit Party MEPs,

Comparing EU membership to slavery. Turning your backs in the European Parliament while the EU anthem is played. You are a national embarrassment.

You criticise the so-called ‘EU gravy train’, while hypocritically making the most of all the benefits of being an MEP without doing any of the work.

Your Farage-led crew stand to waste well over £1 million in salaries and expenses in the months leading up to 31st October, the date the UK is due to leave the EU.*

While you cash in, many Brits (including those that voted for you) could lose their own jobs and rights as a result of Brexit.

Do the right thing for once: give up your MEP salaries to help the people that will suffer from Brexit.

Add your name if you agree.

* Brexit Party MEPs are eligible for 4 months' pay and expenses before the UK is due to leave the EU. This could cover 4 months' wages for people in sectors that are likely to see job losses as a result of Brexit, for example: 153 forklift truck drivers, 141 painter/decorators, 150 electrical assembly line workers, 156 farm workers or 180 packers/bottlers.

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