Help build power for tenants' rights!

We are worried parents, teachers, students, business owners, community organizers, working class people, and former homeless and evicted residents who wish to create the change we desire and deserve. Many of us have grown up and lived here our entire lives and now face being priced out of town.

In 2020, the Maine State Housing Authority reported that the median two-bedroom rental in the Brunswick area was $1,011/month. At the time, this was deemed unaffordable for over 50% of renters in the market. Today, those same rentals are nearly double the price.

Brunswick's local government has responded to our housing crisis with handouts to investors from Portland, Boston, and Wall Street. If these corporate developers promise that only 85% of their units will be "unaffordable," they are handed tax breaks and subsidies.

A prospective home-buyer looking to start a family cannot compete with corporate investment firms buying up the market to profiteer their mortgage with our monthly rent.

In the housing crisis we are facing today, tenants and homeowners have NOT been protected from evictions and foreclosures. We are working to change that.

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