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It’s time for a new deal that protects public services, tackles inequality in our communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a shockproof economy which can fight the climate crisis.

The Build Back Better campaign is encouraging campaigning groups across the country to put pressure on their MPs to support Building Back Better by showing them the breadth and strength of support behind the campaign in the community.

So we're asking you to reach out to all types of organisations and groups across your community to ask them to sign a letter to your MP. If organisations across every corner of our communities stand together, we can force our MPs to listen.

Check the map to see if there is a group already working on this in your area. If there is, get in touch! If there isn't, then get the ball rolling yourself and fill out this form to get added to the map so others can find and join you!

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Laura Ho
London, United Kingdom
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