Build the People, Not the Jail - Rally for Black Lives

Join the rally TODAY at 5pm to protest the Dane county jail and demand a budget for the people!

Facebook event: Here
Where: 115 W Doty St, Madison, WI
When: Thursday September 10, 5pm

From the event organizers:
Carcerality in Madison and Dane County is killing people and we're paying for it through the teeth. The police take over 80 million taxpayer dollars per year that could be going to so many other community-building investments. The proposed jail will cost the county $150 million at minimum but likely much more. We call on the mayor and the city council to move immediately to have MPD absorb the entirety of the 5% city budget cut, and we call on the Dane County Board of supervisors to vote for the Doyle Resolution that halts jail construction.

This event has been organized by Allies for Black Lives - Madison, LINK, & Black Umbrella Global. Madison DSA is supporting this action and encouraging all DSA members and allies to support this rally.

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