Bulldozer Pledge

Boris Johnson committed to lie down in front of bulldozers to stop the Heathrow airport expansion. We are asking you to do the same for the A38 expansion.

Quick Summary

  • The A38 expansion (involving the destruction of 100,000 trees, parkland loss, homes demolished and the emission of 131,000 tonnes of CO2) is now subject to a legal challenge.
  • Highways England are planning to ignore the challenge and commence "vegetation clearance" (translation: "tree felling and habitat destruction").
  • We need people to commit to stopping the work with non-violent direct action (NVDA). It must be peaceful and respectful.
  • This is about good people breaking bad laws (and in any case we believe the A38 expansion is unlawful). We have taken all other possible actions to try and halt the destruction (including writing an open letter).
  • Work is expected to start in mid-March, so the time is now...
  • Training can be provided, and there are vital support roles if you do not wish to engage in NVDA.
  • Please sign up. If we have many people committed to engage in NVDA to stop tree felling, then Highways England may halt works during the legal challenge.


The A38 Expansion (Derby junctions scheme) is both environmentally destructive and polluting, with substantial carbon emissions during its construction. It will induce increased traffic over time (drawing in heavy lorry traffic from the A50). It is a huge waste of money at a time of climate and ecological emergency.

It is clear that Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, has disregarded expert advice from his civil servants, and the concerns of the planning Inspectorate, in granting consent to the scheme.  

Consequently, a group of concerned residents have mounted a legal challenge to the decision, with a request for a judicial review submitted on 19th February.

Where we are now?

We are waiting for the decision of a reviewing judge on whether our case is arguable. However, given the government's determination to push through its infrastructure schemes even though they may be illegal (and certainly immoral), there is a real possibility that contractors may start cutting down the magnificent veteran trees in Markeaton Park soon. We therefore must be ready to delay this destructive project.

What do we need to do?

We would like people to sign up for this pledge now, so that we can contact people as soon as there is evidence of work starting. In addition to NVDA, there are plenty of other ways in which you can help the protest.