California signatures needed: Stand up to Big Pharma greed

Greedy pharmaceutical companies are putting profits before people when they hike drug prices to astronomical levels.

It's a real problem for millions of working Americans and seniors. Their price gouging forces people to make hard choices between life-saving medication and groceries.

Our ballot initiative--the California Drug Prices Relief Act--will dramatically reduce drug prices for California by utilizing the state's bulk-purchasing power to secure lower drug prices. This will be a significant win for anyone who takes prescription drugs.

Our campaign has built strong momentum in the past couple months, with thousands of people getting involved and spreading the word about our movement. We've even secured endorsements from Bernie Sanders, and influential activists like Al Sharpton and Dolores Huerta.

Add your name to Support the California Drug Price Relief Act (Proposition 61) and tell Big Pharma it's time to stop the heinous practice of price gouging, and start doing what is right for patients and working families in this country.

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