Call the American Dental Association: Stop donating to Rep. Gosar

Step 1: Call the American Dental Association at 312-440-2500.

Step 2: When someone answers the phone, or went it goes to voicemail, say something along the lines of:

"Hi. My name is [FIRST NAME] and I'm calling from [CITY] [STATE] to urge the American Dental Association to stop supporting Rep. Paul Gosar. Your association with Rep. Gosar – an openly racist politician who tried to overturn the election results – is an embarrassment for the ADA.

Will you publicly state that the ADA will no longer support Rep. Gosar?"
Step 3: Complete the form on the right to let us know how your call went.


  • Please be respectful in all communications.
  • If you aren't able to reach someone, please leave a message.
  • If the line is busy, try calling back later.

If Trump’s lies about a rigged election were the powder keg, Rep. Gosar served as the match when he was the first congressman to object to President Biden’s confirmation on January 6th. His objection sparked a raid on our capital that ended in the death of five people and made a mockery of the American democratic process.  

But that’s not all. Gosar is a frothing racist who believes in white supremacy and publicly fraternizes with organizations that openly advocate for a whites only America.

So knowing all this, why does the American Dental Association (ADA) continue to give money to Rep. Gosar?

Call the American Dental Association: Stop donating to Rep. Paul Gosar. Click here for a simple script and the number to call.