Call to Action Towards a Green New Deal! Demand Public Power and the Fracking Ban Act - Dec 11th 9am - 5pm


Dec 11th:

Call your Representative and demand that Congress support the Fracking Ban Act and provide states with federal funding for publicly owned utilities!

The future of our energy grid is too important to leave in the hands of private corporations who make record profits while failing to provide clean and affordable services to New Yorkers. Immediate steps towards a Green New Deal must be taken by helping states de-commodify energy and opposing President-elect Biden’s pro-fracking stance.

Maloney (NY-18) represents all of Orange County and southern Dutchess County.

Tel: 845-561-1259

Delgado (NY-19) represents all of Ulster County and northern Dutchess county.

Tel: 845-443-2930

Tell your representative:

“Congressman ______! My name is ____ and I live at ____. I demand that Congress pass the Green New Deal, provide states with federal dollars to help us take control of the investor-owned utilities, and co-sponsor the Fracking Ban Act (HR 5857)! The climate crisis needs bold action! We can’t put profit over people and we can’t wait for the private sector to act! Can we count on your support?”

Dec 12th:

Make a social media post with the asks above using the hashtags: #FightForOurLives #DoOrDie #NYPublicPower #BanFracking

Tag your Congressman: Twitter: @RepSeanMaloney @repdelgado

Action Co-Sponsored by:

Renewable Newburgh
Stop the Danskammer Fracked Gas Plant
Food and Water Watch
New Paltz Climate Action Coalition