Call your senator to oppose Brett Kavanaugh

The Trump administration’s decision to nominate Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land puts the freedom of all working people on the line. Judge Kavanaugh has routinely ruled against working families and often sides with employers to refuse working people relief from workplace discrimination.

Fill out the form to be connected to your senator. Once connected, here are some things that you can say:

  • Brett Kavanaugh has a dangerous track record of putting big corporate interests ahead of working peoples' rights and safety.
  • Brett Kavanaugh routinely rules against working people.
  • He has allowed employers to deny healthcare to employees.
  • He has allowed employers to discriminate on the basis of age.
    • In Miller v. Clinton, Kavanaugh dissented from majority opinion that the
      government had engaged in age discrimination arguing that the government has the unquestionable right to fire someone because of their age
  • Kavanaugh has put working people at risk by defending corporations with dangerous and unsafe working conditions.
  • He will swing the balance of the court against well established U.S. Supreme Court precedent strengthening workers' rights.
  • Any Supreme Court nominee must be fair, independent and committed to protecting the rights, freedoms and legal safeguards that protect working people. Judge Kavanaugh does not meet this standard.

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