Canvassing for Khader El-Yateem

Join our Get Out the Vote efforts September 9-12! We especially need people Election Day, and if you can take the whole day off and spend it with us, please consider doing so! We will be in touch the day before your shift with the details. There are several locations we are working out of and won't know the specific office you will go to until the day before. But you are confirmed and can plan on being in district 43 to help get Khader El-Yateem elected.

Lawyers, law students, and Arabic speakers: We need your help to protect Khader's voters at the polls! Sign up for "Voter Protection" at the bottom of the form and we'll be in touch. No prior experience necessary.

IF SIGNING UP LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE AN EVENT, please contact me at so I help ensure that you get in touch with your event lead.

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