Endorse our 2021 Policy Priorities

We’re charting a new course for California -- one that tackles our state’s housing affordability crisis head-on. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce our 2021 policy priorities.

With your support, we know we can push state and local leaders into building more housing and keeping Californians in their homes.

  1. Legalizing multi-family housing:
  2. We’re focused on making it legal to build affordable, multi-family homes in wealthy neighborhoods, and in areas with abundant resources like schools, transit, jobs, and health care services.

  3. Investing in communities at high risk of displacement
  4. The housing shortage is disproportionately harming vulnerable neighborhoods that have suffered from decades of disinvestment and neglect. We’re working to make sure that when new homes are built in these neighborhoods, the current residents are not only protected from displacement, but get to capture the economic benefits of the jobs, revenues, and other amenities that come with new development.

  5. Making it faster, cheaper, and easier to build homes
  6. It should not cost $100,000 just to get a building permit, and we should not be forcing builders to add parking when it costs $75,000 for a single parking spot. We need common-sense reform to these types of fees and other roadblocks local governments put up for new homes.

  7. Building more subsidized affordable housing
  8. California’s lowest income residents face unsustainable rent burdens and are being pushed into homelessness. We need to commit more public resources, and use those resources efficiently, to provide homes for the most vulnerable, and make sure everyone in California has a home.

  9. Ensuring renters, homeowners, and people experiencing homelessness have secure housing during and after COVID-19.
  10. No one should be evicted, foreclosed, or otherwise lose their home due to a pandemic. We need protections for all Californians that ensure our housing crisis doesn’t go off a cliff when the pandemic comes to an end.
If you’re as ready as we are to make 2021 the year we win major housing reforms in Sacramento, endorse our policy priorities today »
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