City of Norfolk Employees Deserve Respect and Voice on the Job - Demand Norfolk City Manager meet with city employees.

With high employee turnover, low and stagnant wages, pandemic-related layoffs, chronic cuts to city services and resources, city of Norfolk employees deserve real solutions. AFSCME Virginia members from Norfolk, community supporters, faith, and political leaders have repeatedly reached out to elected officials requesting the city address its employee crisis with no response.

Norfolk employees are escalating our campaign for respect on the job and a true voice. Together we are asking Norfolk City manager to finally sit down with city employees and hear our concerns. We need your help. Please join hundreds of city employees, Norfolk city residents, and other community leaders by calling in during our days of action between September 21 – 23.

City of Norfolk employees deserve to be heard! Click here to be connected to city manager Chip Filer’s office – demand he stop ignoring city employees and hear our workplace concerns.


My name is (first and last name) and I am urging Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer to meet with AFSCME VA Norfolk city employees and address the current employee crisis. This is an urgent matter - please do not continue to ignore city employees.

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