Clean DREAM Act for Undocumented Youth

The lives of 800,000 undocumented youth are on the line after Trump repealed DACA, their protection from deportation. An overwhelmingly number of people in the US, even most Republicans support allowing these youth to remain in the country.

We have the next few months before DACA expires to pass the clean DREAM Act - a bipartisan bill in Congress now that would provide these young people legal status, without compromising the safety of their parents or loved ones through walls, border militarization or support for Trump’s deportation force.

To win, we need to pressure California Republicans to stand up for the over 200,000 Dream Act eligible youth in our state and push back on the White House's white supremacist agenda.

  • Join us to phone bank voters in key Republican districts in California.** Come for the big kickoff phone bank on Monday Oct. 16th, Anytime 5PM - 8PM at SEIU 1021, 350 Rhode Island St. San Francisco.
  • We're phone banking in Oakland on Thursday, Nov. 2nd anytime between 3pm and 8pm at SEIU 1021, 447 29th St. Oakland
  • We're joining Faith in Action for phone banks in San Francisco and San Mateo every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from Oct 16th through Nov 2nd.
  • Next Wednesday at 11AM, we'll join local activists to protest at Republican Representative Denham's office in Modesto.

**Bring your phone and charger please. We'll provide scripts, training, snacks and camaraderie.

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San Francisco, CA