Come Out to Support the Philly Wealth Tax People's Hearing!

Last spring, Tax the Rich PHL and Councilmember Kendra Brooks launched our campaign for the Philly Wealth Tax. On Wednesday, 9/21 at 1PM, join us to show support for the Philly Wealth Tax at our People's Hearing at City Hall!

When we give handouts to the ultrarich, it's working families that pay the cost. If everyone paid what they owe, we could invest in the next generation and resource the city we deserve. The Philly Wealth Tax, along with other solutions like PILOTS and ending the 10-year tax abatement, would bring us closer to an equitable fully funded city.

The Philly Wealth Tax would generate vital funding (over $200 million per year) that could be invested in helping the most vulnerable Philadelphians recover fully from the pandemic and from decades of city disinvestment. The Wealth Tax would help close the racial wealth gap and bring needed resources to Black and Brown neighborhoods.

Throughout the pandemic, billionaires and ultrarich increased their wealth by nearly 60% -- while working class communities, and particularly Black and Brown communities, suffered. The Philly Wealth Tax would require those who have the most to pay what they owe !

Join us for a People's Hearing on the Philly Wealth Tax Wednesday, September 21st at 1PM at City Hall!