Contact Info in case of arrest

Althought the majority of people going to the October Rebellion in London are not seeking arrest, it cannot be ruled out as a possibility. It is therefore sensible to take the precaution of registering with the back office in Derby. This is so that the people you need to be informed are informed and we can liaise with arrestee support in London.

If you are going to any of the XR sites in London please fill in this form.

By submitting this form you are consenting to XR Derby or it’s representatives holding this information and contacting your designated persons if you are arrested, detained, taken ill or go missing during the actions 6-20th October 2019, and carrying out other phone calls/contacts at your request.

The dates you are planning to be in London determine the Affinity Group you need to join. An affinity group (AG) is a vital point of contact and source of support while there. If you are going down more than once, please pick the first one you need to join.  

If you have not had Non-violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training, please seek out Intro to XR training on site. It lasts 90 minutes and for those seeking to take further actions, there will be an opportunity to join an extra affinity group for actions.  We have planned some on-coach training for those taking one of our day trips.