Contemplating Prison Sign Up

Thank you for your bravery and courage at the critical moment in all our lives.

The good news is that there are nearly 2000 people prepared to make the same commitment.

This presents us with a vital opportunity to engage in the mass disruption and sacrifice which will bring us into the ballpark of getting the government to fulfil its primary responsibility to protect people from harm.

The plan is for hundreds of XR people to engage in actions that risk a prison sentence during the October Rebellion along with possibly thousands of arrests.

For many, the way to get into prison will be by going in on remand (holding you until trial) by refusing your bail conditions in court, or others it will be doing highly disruptive actions. The former will simply result in increased fines whereas the latter can hold heavier long term sentences, please carefully consider which you would be willing to do.

Next Steps

1. Please read this document about going to prison for the Oct Rebellion

2. Please make sure you watched our "Contemplating Prison" webinar - sign up at (Recorded version here.)

3. Then please fill out this sign up form to receive further details such as legal and action briefings as well as support calls from our team.

4. (OPTIONAL) Watch the Freedom Riders Documentary to see how powerful going to jail can be for a movement!

If you know others that might be interested in taking part - please share this form with them.

The rebellion awaits!

Again, thank you for you bravery and courage. This is an emergency. Hundreds of people in prison could be a game changer. Let’s get to it.

Love and Rage,

The Prison Liaison Team

(Any questions please get in touch)
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