The Cost of Living Documentary Screening, Q&A and Fundraiser

Gadfly Productions

Join the Basic Income Conversation for an exclusive screening of the brand new documentary The Cost of Living: do we need a Basic Income?

The documentary explores the current socio-economic state of Britain and considers how the idea of a basic income could minimise poverty and the sociological toll of a growing precarious class.

We'll be joined by Directors Sean Blacknell and Wayne Walsh for a discussion and Q&A after the online screening. It's free to attend but we'll also be raising money as part of a fundraiser for the Basic Income Conversation's work in 2021.

Check out the trailer here:

Date: Monday 1st February

Time: 6.30-8.30pm (UK time)

Venue: Online (Vimeo and Zoom)

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The film features the likes of George Monbiot, Prof Guy Standing, David Graeber, Barb Jacobson, and Annie Miller and focuses on the feasibility of a basic income, John Rawls' theory of justice, automation and ultimately asks should there still be a cost attributed to survival?

The film is previewed in Now Then Magazine with an interview with filmmakers Sean and Wayne from UBI Lab Network's Sam Gregory.

Filmmakers Sean and Wayne's first feature, The Future of Work and Death (2016) - a film concerning the growth of exponential technology - won serveral awards and featured in such festivals as IFFR, Raindance, CPH:DOX and Academia Film Olomouc. The film debuted at #12 in the iTunes charts and received 2 official screenings at the European Commission.

They say: "During the production of our last film, one of the main concerns related to the rising displacement of workers by technological alternatives, is how will those effected sustain themselves and their families. The UK today is already experiencing over 3.5 million people in 'in-work poverty', if this problem were to exacerbate, many would argue that a basic income would be the best remedy. So we ask: Is a basic income a step in the right direction? That is a question that's become all the more pertinent since COVID-19.

Please note: You will be unable to attend if you are in North America.