COVID-19 Get Out The (Safe) Vote

In an ever changing landscape, as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, New York State is making necessary changes to make sure voters are safe while participating in our election. It will be up to us to inform our communities on their options for June 23rd.

Sign up here to join our Get Out The (Safe) Vote campaign and let voters know about new ways to vote safely in New York State during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Write post cards to voters: We will provide you with a script and a list of voter addresses; you will be responsible for the postcards and stamps (USPS pre-stamped postcards are available here).
  • Phone banking from home: We will train you to use our remote phone banking tool, and then you will log in from home and make calls using our script and phone list.

Please estimate the number of postcards you can write, and hours you can phone bank, between now and June 23.

We will create a list for you based on the number you request. If you want to get your community involved, include them in your estimate and then share your list with your "team" — you can even throw remote volunteer parties on zoom or facetime and have fun while helping to Get Out The Vote!

The top volunteers and teams will win a prize, so get in, gather a team — and then get writing and get calling!