Climate change, COVID-19, racial injustice, and growing economic disparities are intertwined crises. Connecticut Renews urges bold climate mitigation policies that prioritize investment in vulnerable communities and create good jobs. Low-income and communities of color are exposed to greater pollution; contaminated air, water and soil devalues property in these communities. Connecticut Renews is committed to investing in a more just, equitable and sustainable future for Connecticut.

100% Clean & Renewable Electricity

  • Set a requirement of 100% zero-emission renewable electricity by 2030, and take steps to equitably achieve it by increasing energy efficiency, solar, wind and energy storage.

Healthy and Sustainable Housing

  • Improve the comfort and living conditions of our residents with comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable retrofits beginning with public housing and affordable housing.

Clean & Accessible Transportation

  • Prioritize communities overburdened by transportation pollution by improving and electrifying public transit, school buses and the state fleet. Invest in improvements for safer, more accessible pedestrian and biking routes.

Healthy Communities, Clean Air & Water

  • Transform environmental justice communities through Green Justice Zone pilots that vigorously clean up pollution, deploy clean and renewable technologies, and create jobs where they are needed most. Increase overall investment for stormwater infrastructure improvements including replacing aging infrastructure, lead pipe removal, CSO separation, advanced treatment septic systems and green infrastructure.

Food Justice

  • Expand access to affordable and nutritious food in vulnerable communities, and support small local farms that use ecologically friendly agricultural practices.

Hello CT Climate Justice Activist,

Thank you for your interest in Renew New England and your commitment to advance a more just, equitable and sustainable future for Connecticut.

We are excited about getting everyone engaged in this work- and we wanted to share opportunities for action- now and into the next year.

Please use the check boxes to the right to sign up for one or more of the following opportunities.

CT Renews Monthly Meetings

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 3 PM - 4 PM

This is an opportunity for all organizations involved in the RENEWS effort to share their work and get updated on the 6 pillars of our RENEWS Policy Platform: 100% Clean Renewable Energy; Energy Efficient Quality Affordable Housing for All, Clean Air & Water, Food Justice, Health Care and a truly Equitable Sustainable Transportation system.

Check box to join.

Policy Groups

An opportunity for organizations and individuals throughout the state to understand, analyze and craft policies and legislative initiatives that integrate, amplify and/or advance the CT RENEWS framework.

Policy groups include: Energy; Food Justice; Housing; Clean Air & Water; Transportation; and Green Justice Zones.

Centering Front Line Communities:

It is essential that this work be grounded and centered in dismantling systemic racism, and driven by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. If you missed the Aug. 26th Environmental Justice Webinar & Discussion you can view that here.

Contact info:

Ann Pratt, Director of Organizing CT Citizen Action Group



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