Days of Action to Protect Pensions

Hands off our CPP, Day of Action, January 27, 2024

Right now, members of the provincial government are supposed to be in their local communities hearing from their constituents.

Let's make sure every provincial representative gets an important message loud and clear -- LEAVE OUR PENSIONS ALONE!

On January 28th and 29th, take a post-it-note or a piece of paper (or many!) and tape to stick on your local MLA's office window or door telling them to keep their "HANDS OFF OUR CPP!"

Don't forget to post a photo using the hashtag #HandsOffOurCPP

MLAs are on break from the Legislative session until February or March when they need to be back to pass a provincial budget.

We have plans to hold a rally and present thousands of signed petitions when they're back in Edmonton, but every MLA needs to hear RIGHT NOW from every corner of our province that this risky pension scheme needs to be abandoned.

You can find the location for each MLA's office at this link.
And you can find out who your MLA is using the resource at this link.

If you have questions or need more information contact