Dear World, we recognize what a monumental embarrassment Donald Trump is


Yes, we know. It keeps us all up at night.

Donald Trump is President of the United States. It's truly embarrassing, given how much goodwill has been squandered in so short of a time.

But 2.9 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for him. We just happened to be concentrated in the wrong states, so our votes were not given equal weight.

The people who voted for Trump? Many of them are starting to regret it.

And many, many people who didn't vote for him—but had never been involved before—are galvanized into action.

Democrats are starting to win elections in unexpected places, and we are hopeful for the future.

Until then? Yeah, we are extremely extremely sorry and doing everything we can to undo the damage. This is so much worse than Bush.

Sign the petition to the world: We recognize what a monumental embarrassment Donald Trump is.

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