Declaration of Florida for a Rising Democracy

The People of the State of Florida hereby declare that regardless of whom you supported for president, the problems our country faces are too pressing to remain at odds with each other. We further agree that there is a need to improve our elections to ensure people can vote securely, early votes are counted immediately, and voter access is expanded so every eligible citizen can take part in our democracy.

The need to transform our democracy has become more evident as we reflect on the events leading up to the election across the country, including here in Florida, where we saw the disenfranchisement of returning citizens, dark money seeped into campaigns, and voter confidence was shaken.  

To advance bold changes in our democracy, we need bold solutions. The For the People Act (H.R. 1) is the most robust democracy reform bill since the Watergate era. It will get big money out of politics, make voting simpler, safer, and fairer, and allow us to hold our elected officials accountable.  

The White House has many urgent crises that are critical and demand immediate addressing at the start of the next term. The integrity of our nation’s democracy must be among the first. Making pro-democracy reforms a first priority is the key to making progress on all the other issues facing our country and here in Florida, including expanding access to healthcare, protecting our environment, providing quality education and retirement security, and supporting an economy where all can thrive.  

Florida for a Rising Democracy is a diverse coalition of Florida organizations and community members representing people who believe it’s time to get big money out of politics, make voting simpler, safer, and fairer, and hold our elected officials accountable. We are aligned and supportive of the national coalition of 170 national organizations formed under Declaration for American Democracy.

We are ready to move forward together toward a better future for all to thrive.