Demand answers from Big Oil: Join Ro Khanna and in putting the pressure on Big Oil CEOs.

Fossil fuel companies knew about the threat of the climate crisis decades ago. Yet, over the course of nearly forty years, these companies spent millions of dollars to spread doubt and misinformation about the dangers of fossil fuels— robbing a generation’s worth of time to transition our economy onto renewable energy. The recent tape revealing Exxon’s lobbying practices proves the industry’s disinformation campaign is still active and well.

That’s why Rep. Ro Khanna and are demanding that top fossil fuel executives testify in front of Congress — even if it requires subpoenaing them. And with Rep. Ro Khanna being the Chair of the Environmental Oversight Subcommittee, he’s eager to hold these Big Oil and Gas executives accountable. Will you join us in calling for a hearing to finally hold Big Oil executives accountable?

Fossil fuel companies knew that their decisions were advancing the climate crisis and they ignored the science and lied to the general public. It’s time to hold ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel corporations accountable. Join Rep. Ro Khanna,, and all our partner organizations by signing onto Ro’s call for a hearing on Big Oil executives and help put the pressure on Big Oil CEOs today.