The pandemic makes it clear, the only way to have a healthy state is to ensure EVERYONE can access healthcare, including undocumented families and workers. Gov Lamont must act now to expand HUSKY health coverage to all residents regardless of immigration status!

JOIN US in demanding Gov Lamont fully open up CT’s HUSKY Health Program to all state residents regardless of income and immigration status during the current public health crisis and beyond, to ensure everyone has access to healthcare!

The current healthcare system discriminates against our undocumenetd community! In Connecticut, undocumented immigrants are prohibited from buying into AccessHealth CT and are ineligible for Medicaid, Medicare, and other state and federal health coverage programs. Our families cannot seek the proper health care we need, with 120,000 estimated undocumented immigrants residing in our state, this is a massive public health concern.

The COVID19 public health crisis is magnifying the daily and systemic inequities that undocumented communities face. Lack of access to primary care and healthcare means that chronic health issues that could be treated develop into more serious conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Putting our immigrant community at risk for worse health outcomes if they become infected with COVID. This moment calls for big solutions! Expanding HUSKY’s eligibility to be inclusive of all immigrants regardless of status helps all of us!

Undocumented immigrants in our state pay roughly 145 million dollars into state and local taxes every year. Undocumented taxpayers are funding state healthcare programs like HUSKY, but due to their status are unable to access it. Undocumented residents deserve an equal and fair opportunity to access the programs we fund.

Access to healthcare should not be a commodity only for the wealthy and privileged who can afford it. Healthcare is human right and no person should be denied the healthcare they need due to the ability to pay or immigration status.