Demand that Every Vote be Counted! Pledge to defend the people's decision.

The Republicans and the far right are doing everything they can to subvert the will of the people. SIGN UP NOW if you are willing to mobilize to ensure every vote be counted. We can't let our voices be snuffed out this election.

We must be prepared to fight any effort to thwart the democratic process and the will of the working class. We cannot allow the GOP to disenfranchise people with the same Jim Crow playbook they've been using for generations in order to continue their deadly authoritarian agenda on every level of government.

SIGN the PLEDGE to show your support for counting every vote, and to show that you are willing to mobilize if any attempts are made to steal the election. Add your name now to pledge your commitment to take action to ensure that we count EVERY. DAMN. VOTE.

SHARE this pledge with friends and family who are willing to join the fight.

No matter what happens, we will continue to fight for democracy, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and more. A better world is possible.

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