Demand the SHUTDOWN of Child Concentration Camps Reopening under Biden


Concentration camps are reopening under the Biden Administration.

On Monday February 22nd, dozens of migrant teens boarded vans to Homestead, FL to a child detention facility which was shut down in July 2019, and now has officially reopened under the Biden admin. This facility was known for child sex-abuse claims that resulted in the firing of one employee and the resignation of two others.

This reopening came the same week when the Department of Health and Human Services reopened a facility in Texas to house up to 700 migrant youth aged 13 to 17.

The Biden Administration campaigned on the promise protecting immigrant communities and moving away from the cruelty of the Trump Administration. They are failing us!

This is unacceptable! Why is the Biden administration choosing to reopen Detention Camps especially when they were the source of protests and controversy? We have been down this road of inhumane treatment of children and all immigrants before. It needs to end.

Conditions in all detention camps are cruel. Detainees suffer from illnesses and disease including COVID 19, live off slimy and rotting deli meat, and are denied basic necessities like soap, or a toothbrush. They are separated from their families with no promise of reunification or future assistance.

We DEMAND that ALL detention camps be SHUT DOWN immediately! ADD YOUR NAME if you agree.

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